3 Million Dollar Online Business Tips | business tips

So, that’s a bold claim in the article title. And its time to deliver on exactly that. What we have for you in this article are 3 things so powerful, that if you implement them into your business, you will be fast forwarded on your path to online millions. #1 – Do The Opposite Of Whatever The Majority Does. Run Towards The Fire.Let me break that down for you. Often time the masses follow a certain path, like having a 9 to 5 job, fearing the impending doom of 2012 (yeah right) and even advertising and trying to acquire new customers in the same way.If you decide to follow the heard, you bound to step in lots of shit. Plain and simple Following the heard, or the masses, will almost always result in massive failure, especially in your online business.

But by doing the exact opposite of whatever *they* are doing, you will empower yourself for a much larger chance at success. So if everyone online is advertising with Facebook PPC, go use MSN. Know what I mean?In other words, when everyone runs away from the fire, you run towards it!#2 – Find Breakthroughs Outside The Majorities Approach To Any Given Business, Not Inside It.Basically, when the heard or the masses are focused on doing business and acquiring new customers in a certain way, don’t try to innovate within that same business strategy. Instead, do something entirely different.Lets take for example, online business. If everyone is stuck on the same thing, like generating free traffic using Facebook and Twitter, then do the exact opposite and buy ads on those sites instead of spamming your followers with your message over and over again.#3 – Stay Relentlessly Focused On The Obstacle To, And The Source Of All Wealth.That, my friend, is getting new customers to buy your stuff.I don’t think there is any argument as to the fact that generating new, fresh customers is the lifeblood of any business, online or offline. The secret is knowing how to do this down to a science.What if you have a sales page that converts at 5% (which is pretty good) but you focus all of your efforts on improving your sales message on that page and are able to increase your conversion rate to 10%.You have just effectively doubled your business without doing anymore advertising.

Now, chances are, you have a squeeze page in front of that sales page, and maybe it converts around 25%. What if you split teset your current squeeze page against a new one that you create with a new headline, and it converts at 50%.You’ve just double your lead generation, which means twice as many people will be seeing your sales page and message. And since you already increase that pages conversion, you have effectively QUADRUPLED your business with no extra advertising dollars being spent.So there you have it!Those 3 tips are some of the most effective business building tips I could ever give you, because when you focus on generating customers, you are able to increase the amount of new business and profit you bring through your significantly.